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Marissa Mintz-Forte

Owner + Lead Designer/Producer


Marissa is the founder of Magical Momintz Designs, a South Florida luxury design and production company specializing in event design as well as home design and styling.


Marissa is known for her innovative ideas and unique style that allows her to think outside the box of traditional event and home design. She has the creativity to design for all kinds of tastes and styles, whether modern and funky or timeless and classic, you will have a beautiful event unique to just you.

Marissa also specializes in over-the-top thematic event design, creating a visual and emotional experience

for clients and their guests. She also works with clients both in person and virtually to create beautiful

unique spaces for their homes. 

Marissa's love for design and her role in styling events started when she was very young. Her family threw lavish parties and Marissa grew up learning how to create mind blowing experiences and be a fabulous

hostess. As she got older, she played a larger role in these events, taking over the design creation of their annual Haunted Halloween Display which draws 800 people every year. 

Marissa spent five years of her career as second lead designer for an award-winning event design, production and entertainment company. She has designed and collaborated on every kind of event from Bar/Bat Mitzvahs, weddings, quinces, galas and more. After this successful experience handling every aspect of

events from room design and planning to entertainment booking and furniture layout, she decided to

open her own design firm with a very specific vision in mind of how to help her clients bring their

dream events and dream homes to reality.   

Before designing events, Marissa spent the majority of her life in the entertainment industry as a professional singer and performer. She spent many years perfecting her craft and worked with some of the best in the music industry. As a performer, the audience experience is incredibly important, so she understands what it takes to satisfy her clients and their guests by creating a successful event beyond their expectations. Marissa is incredibly good with people and enjoys working closely with her clients to create something they could only imagine in their dreams.


Marissa also has experience working private events for a large corporation in the hospitality industry. She catered to all kinds of clients for events small and large. She has an understanding of what different types of clients need and works with her clients to achieve the expectations set for their event. 

In her spare time, Marissa enjoys spending her time with her husband and two kids, whether at the beach or on their family ranch with their animals. She loves to sing, dance and spend time with her siblings and her mom and dad who she is extremely close with. Her 88-year-old grandmother is one of the most special people in her life and she is so grateful to be able to spend so much time with her. She is a huge advocate for living a healthy, organic and eco-friendly lifestyle and uses her experience and knowledge to help educate others. 

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